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It’s been a few days since my last blog. Flat out with work as per usual. The most significant thing that has happened has been the fact that Eirene came downstairs this morning to find Felix on the cbeebies website. Eirene asked – “Did Dada set you up on that?” – “No” was his reply, and he told Eirene how he clicked the blue ‘e’, went to Felix Favorites and selected the cbeebies link! Well done Felix! – Only 4 and he can do that. I’m very proud of my little man. He’s great.

Jaygo nearly broke my nose this morning with a drop kick. He’s a tuffy. He likes kissing at the moment. (and squawking and wrecking stuff as per usual)

So – I’ve been to London on Wednesday. The train was delayed on the way back so GNER provided taxi’s back to Harrogate from York. Shared with an investment consultant who told me about a new financial buzz word in the city. Instead of a ‘lump sum’, they are calling it a ‘shape’. Tisk. The conversation started with

“Windy in London Today” said I.

“Yea – and full of people” Said he

“Full of windy people” (chortle)

Went up North to Billingham yesterday. The Weather was terrible. The A19 whited out for a while. It was a hard blizzard, spreading a layer of thin very skiddy snow on the road. I saw cars spinning off the motorway, one right in front of me. Got a bit scary for a while. I counted 11 spun off cars on the way up. I was very appreciative of ABS that day! Anyway – must crack on with some work. Supposed to be going out tonight on an ex works night out (a load of people I used to work with)

Saturday I have a gig with Danny Whitehead amongst others at Bar Med in Harrogate. That should be cool. Going to try and borrow my mates Korg Wave Drum… should liven it up another level! (Jim.. if you are reading… urm.. can I borrow your drum please ??)

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