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Again, it’s been a crazy week – last week that is. It’s Monday all over again. So – I did loads of traveling about with work last week. Amongst the West Midlands.Had a nice weekend. Very lazy, apart from one rapid burst of energy when I borrowed the company van, so that myself and Felix could clear the back yard. He was a great help. Anything that he could carry, made it to the back of the van, and eventually, on to the town tip. He was quite interested with all the big bin lorry trucks as he sat on the roof of the van (safest place for him in a tip I thought to myself!)

Watched Apocalypse Now (again) – I watched the ‘redux edition’ – this has got loads of extra footage in it. Very good indeed. Made it about a day or so longer. So – I’m still very flat out. It’s an up hill battle at work at the moment.. but as my dad used to say “If the wheels are turning, you know you’re earning.”

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