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Well. A load of nice times have occurred. Last week I found myself flying round getting lost near spaghetti junction in Birmingham.The highlight of the last week or so has been Eirene’s birthday and Valentines day. Vaentines we spent in a lovely brassery, where we ate loads, then drank a fair bit. On Eirene’s birthday, we went for a meal at Bed restaurant. A very nice place. They laid on a room for us with a big table for 20 of us. It felt like a meeting before the food arrived. Then the wine started flowing and the food arrived. Very nice. Due to babysitter problems, I went back home to take over from mum after the meal. (thanks mum) everyone came back after. It was cool – there was a house full of people. Simon was also celebrating his birthday – his 30th ! He and Caroline came up from that London. It was great to catch up with Simon – it was like old times.

So – this week – I’ve just been into Leeds, and tomorrow I’m off back to Birmingham.

We have just had our NTL stuff sorted out at home. We now have (hopefully) broadband again, so Eirene will be able to stick more wordage on the site. We also have cable in our room, so we will be able to watch 200 channels of nonsense from the comfort of our own bed.

Other news is that Eirene has had a fantastic new hair do! it’s gone back to black, with chunks of red and chunks of blue in it. It looks ace.


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