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I feels like I have been typing all day. I think I have in fact. Proposals and emails, briefs and project related documents, on top of mini chats via msn. I remember this little application that came our for the mouse (as in computer peripheral, not the small rodent.. what would they want with little applications.. apart from cheesefinder.exe perhaps… anyway – I digress) that clocked up all of the movement you did with your mouse. I worked out that I do about 3 miles a year. I wonder how many characters I type a year. It would be quite hard to work out because;

a) a lot of the stuff I do involves copy/paste and so I could not just word count all the docs and emails created in a day

b) I type some, delete some – I’m often going back swathing through and re-hashing.

c) a lot of the stuff I type is volatile.. not recorded.

If anyone knows of a keystroke recorder I like to hear about it. Well – not that much – it’s just the thought of the moment, and I’m sure I’ll get over it.

So – Tuesday was the last bloggage. Went to Birmingham yesterday. Beautiful sunny day. There and back in a day, and achieved a lot. Well done me. Have a lollipop. Today, I have been office bound… Typing quite a lot.

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