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Well – another very hectic few days. Completed a 550+ mile road trip yesterday. Harrogate, Dudley, Smethwich, East Birmingham, Marlow and back to Harrgate over 2 days. Met Dave for a coffee in Woodall services. Managed to watch sundown over the hills from the smoking section of the restaurant. Got me to thinking that for once, smokers had privileged location – right in the window with the sun streaming in, in virtual tranquility. All the rest of those non smoking types had to make do with the darkened flouro lit hectic portion of the restaurant. Since the demise of being able to smoke on the top deck of a double decker, us smokers have been pushed into the smelly back rooms. But – if you are a smoker, I can recommend Woodall north services on the M1. Today I have been to the beautiful Bowcliff hall in Bramham. What a nice place to work that must be. On top of that, I’ve had 3 proposals to write and my usual day-to-day stress. Another day, another dollar.

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