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A very busy weekend. Chris’s birthday. So – Friday – went out for a couple of beers after work, and was going to have a quiet one, in readiness for a large on on Saturday. Ended up going out with Chris on Friday, and bumped into Bongo and a few others. Ended up with me, Chris and Bongo playing cards at his house till wrong o’clock in the morning. Saturday.. Had a bit of kip, then went to pick up Ez (our babysitter) got the Monty’s (bar) for about 20:00. Hung out there and had a few silly cocktails. The original plan was to head into Leeds, but as the pubs were drawing to a close, the Leeds plan was decided against, so we scooped up a load of people from the Blues bar (inc. Brett – Hello Brett!) and went to Poo Naa Naa’s. Had a great night. Loads of chatting, and a bit of dancing.(and oh yea, a bit of drinking)

Sunday, I drove out to Bradford, to get Jaygo some news shoes (at one of them factory outlet type places). In the afternoon Felix and Jaygo went of to Grandma and Bampa’s for the afternoon. Went to the Retreat bar to watch Liverpool play Manchester United in the Worthington cup final. It was Chris’s actual birthday, and he’s a Liverpool fan – so their 2-0 victory topped of the day quite nicely. Had a few people pop back to ours last night, so missed the BBC3 24. Luckily I saw this weeks BBC2 edition on BBC3 last week. Today, feeling not as rough as I should do, pottering about the office – lots of mopping up type jobs to do, and tomorrow I’m off to Stockport. So there !

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