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What a couple of days I have just had. I was in Leeds first thing, on Monday morning, followed by a trip to Birmingham. Stayed at the Holiday Inn, downtown Birmingham, and had a great view across the city sky scrape (took a quick watch cam shot). Went for a wander round, and discovered a sculpture by Antony Gormley (a British artist who I have always admired) called “Iron Man” that looks very similar to his Angel of the North (up in Gateshead) – but without the wings. My favorite thing that he did (photo’s Pic Pic Pic Pic) was a room with about 40,000 terracotta figures, staring at you. They were really simple ‘schmoo‘ shaped things with deep sunk eyes. Each hand crafted. It was quite eery. I saw these a few moons ago at the Tate in Liverpool, and they have recently had a show at the British Musium (thanks for the links Simon!)

So – Yesterday, I had an 0830 appointment, then an 11:00, the a 14:00, then a 16:00. My car decided to break down here. The RAC man arrived super quick, giving me just enough time to make friends with some horses.The RAC man said there was nothing he could do from there, and arranged a tow. I canceled my meetings for the rest of the day, and got a lift home in a big tow truck. Car is now with the garage, who are going to get back to me with what’s up!.

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