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What a busy few days it’s been. (surprise surprise). Went to Sherbern near Scarborough yesterday. A nice drive out on the A64. picked up a really interesting hitcher. He was a plaiter. (Plaiters are people who shuffle cars around between car dealerships – they hitch to garage a, and drive the car to garage b.They are called ‘plaiters’ because they carry round a temporary reg plate that they stick on the back of the car) He told me that he was in his former life in financial services, on a fair old whack of cash, but jacked it in, to do this ! He loves it – I can see why – the stress free, adventure driven lifestyle sounds cool. As he put it “I get paid for basically listening to the radio, and meeting new people, seeing the country and driving nice cars.” (or words to that effect.)

Had to say goodbye to Felix for the next 8 days this morning ! He’s gone to Scotland with his grandparents for the week. (lucky boy!)

I got a parking ticket this morning. Rats. Went to Guisley today. Not sure what the weekend holds. Been invited to a Turner exhibition in Sheffield and a moving in party.We shall see !

Got sent a few links this week – these two stood out..

This is a very COOL mobile phone.. urm.. system (thanks to Dodge for that one)

This is a very addictive little game (thanks to Roler G for that one)

have a good weekend !

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