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It’s a really nice day in Harrogate today. The sun is shining and it’s not cold!

Took my power kite of for a bit of a blast yesterday. It’s been a while.

Mine is like the middle one in the main pic

Click here for (manufacturer of said kite)

Bernie came out with his and we stacked them. (the pic above shows a stack of 3)

We even had a go at kite fighting.

Chris managed to ditch it into a bush springboarding the phrase “A kite in the hand is worth two in the bush”

Last night, Eirene and I went for dinner round at Al’s. 4 of us, Anna, Al and us. Al is a top chef. We had salmon with asparagus and stuff.

Today we have the opportunity to be without both the kids ! – Felix is still in Scotland and Neese said she would take Jaygo off our hands for the afternoon. Not quite sure what we are going to end up doing. Tate in Liverpool is an option….. we shall see !

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