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Hmm – so – good response on the party 1 by the way (see the ‘dear all’ posting below).

Watchcam gone !

Yes – I have had to send my watchcam back to casio to get mended ! (or replaced, I’m hoping!). The infra red stopped working. It would be nice to get a shiny new one with no scratches.

Mind you – sentimental value is quite high on that watch ! It’s been to Australia with me, and all over the UK. If you could see the stuff that that watch has seen… oh… you have done. If I do get a new one, you (and I) will not be able to see the amazing looking shots I took at Almscliffe Crag last weekend. Cows in the sunset and stuff like that. Ahh well.

I’m hoping that a new model comes out this year. I’ve heard no rumours on that yet, but they generally come out around September. A low light feature would be just the jolly jimbo. Perhaps a bluetooth model would be good as well!

Right – enough pseudo lunch 5 minutes and back to work. I’m so busy at the moment.

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