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So – The ground war has just kicked off. It’s all happening very quickly.

I’m checking out loads of sources for the latest. The internet is suffering ‘brown out’ due to the amount of people who are trying to get info from it. The BBC reports on this here.

Here are some news sources to keep track of what what with

Where is Raed ?

This is a blog written by a guy in Baghdad. My thoughts are with him – he’s blogging, amid the bombs of Baghdad

BBC’s War in Iraq home page

With in-depth comment, reports from the field video and audio streams.

Islamic Republic News Agency

In English – “(IRNA) was established in 1934 by the Foreign Ministry of Iran as the country’s official national news outlet.”


Not just news, Fark is a link post site, that keeps an eye on all news sources, and posts new stuff at the top. Keep an eye out for the “news flash” icon.

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