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A great weekends has been had. The weather was superb. Proper warmth and strong sunlight. We decided to go camping with Sean and his son Arron. Had to fix Humbrum on the Saturday – fixed a great big aerial and a new fuel line. We went to Flamborough and stayed in a friends field. Flamborough is the nose on the face profile shape on the side of England ! Top time. We had a nice fire going, the field had an old tractor in it and loads of other bits and pieces which kept the kids really happy!. Discovered a new “must have” camper accessory. WD40 – good for squeaks and metal sticky things, (naturally – that’s what it was invented for) but also great for creating instant fires. I built a little fire, got a couple of bits of paper alight under the wood, then spray it with WD40 – Instant fire ! ( does not endorse such action and recommends that you do not do this!). and In absolute contrast, from the smelling of smoke, falling asleep to the sound of the sea, in a camper and ripped old cloths, to today – I was in London, suited and booted. Quite tired now, so I’m going to bed. Tomorrow I’ve got another busy city day in the Midlands.

It’s good to see that Salam (Where is Raed blog author) has come through the heavy shelling of Baghdad over the weekend. He had an article in the Guardian today.

Anyway – My bed is calling me !

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