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So where have I been since last blog ? Tuesday, Drove to Birmingham, and back, and the same again today. On the far side of worn out now, and apart from that, not much to report. One of the highlights of my day was a discovery at Donnington Park services. It was sunny, so I took my coffee and cake outside, where I notices a peaceful little picnic area. I noticed a small pond at the back of this. I wandered over to discover it was stocked with hundreds of goldfish and coi. I shared my croissant with them at sundown.

Rachel from the Theatre came round tonight and reminded me that I had a gig there (Stalls bar) this Friday with the one and only Dharma. Should be a good night. Come along ! For those of you who are coming to the DragonDrop 1st birthday party, I have secured a nice little venue…. and have ordered a fresh batch of DD t – shirts ! If you don’t know about it… try to keep up ;o) Read the “Dear All” post below.

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