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hello world back again 😉 We have had a great day today. The weather is so good too good to be inside for (one of the perks of being a house mum). Had a writers forum Mexican evening last night . It was splendid with lots of wine imbibed in true writing fashion (for inspiration I’m sure) and the food was great. Lots of meat and the best homemade guacamole. Not by me unfortunately (although I did spy and get the recipe). Today Jaygo and I again went to the toy library. It is so good to be able to borrow toys that would due to either price or size be ordinarily unobtainable. We picked up a Brio water feature. It consists of a water track and lots of boats. Fantastic once you get it set up if you can get it set up. So three adults later a lot of frustration and viola happy wet children. We are supposed to try the toys not the other way round.

Ciao 😉

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