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An interesting weekend. Friday night, I did a gig with DJ Dharma down the stalls bar in Harrogate. This went well, and we had a good time. It filled up around 10, and by 12 it was a right proper party.

Saturday, we bimbled about and had a lazy day. Saturday night, we had the option of going to cabbage, and going to a dub night down the Harrogate Arms, but declined both in favor or a quiet night in.

Sunday was mothers day, and I made Eirene breakfast in bed. We forgot that the clocks has gone forward, so it threw our day out a bit ! we went to Shipley in the camper, followed by a nice feed round at mums house.

Last night, we got loads of junk food in and watched 24. How cool was last night’s episode !

So today – it’s a sunny day, and all I really want to do is go and play in a field for the day! The idea of sitting someplace chill, with a phone, and a laptop sounds quite appealing. I could still ‘work’. My battery would only last a short while though. But the idea is a good one!

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