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So I did indeed end up doing a gig last night, at bar med. “Peace through superior firepower” did a tight well played, , set. Quite teenage angst and guitar driven stuff. Perhaps overly invasive set for a Sunday night in my humble opinion but then, so was I probably. Becky and Lucy did a tranquillo acoustic set, and another act from Leeds did the warm ups. It was quite late for a Sunday – 12:00 finish (we were on last) I was pretty wiped by the end of the weekend. Still a good way to wrap it all up ! Went round for a quick cuppa at a friends house, with some of ‘the crew’, and then bed.

Worked from home this morning. And had a ho-hum afternoon at work.

Just uploaded a new watchcam collection if you fancy a surf, (the ones from this weekend will be in the next upload – not that may from the party, it was a little to dark)

Anyway –

See the collection - click on this actual picture.


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