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Fun packed weekend so far. Friday, I went to see Massive Attack in Manchester with Dave. They were on at the Manchester Apollo. (good venue). They were amazing. Massive Attack have been around for a good number of years and have seen a few changes to the line up and have put out a load of good music. Having seen Massive Attack do a ‘best of show’ set at Glastonbury in 1998, I thought I had seen them at their peak – but I think the show I saw on Friday took the biscuit. The set they did was a really good spread of Massive Attack stuff from over the last 10 years or so. The theme for the tour (the new album, 100th Window) was, as far as I could see it, information. They had one of them most incredible stage devices I’ve ever seen – a 20′ x 50 ‘ (approx) led board, made up of millions of different coloured LED’s – (white, blue green and red I think – so with these, you can make all colours (RGB – like your telly!)). This was used with great effect to broadcast massages, images data emails images -( if you can imagine the main announcements board from an international airport, times it by 10, with several new colours..) This massive bright screen was also reactive to the music, so when it wasn’t pumping out an overload of data, it was dancing to the music. Very good stuff. Visit Massive Attacks newly re-designed website here. Most of the old line up turned up – including Daddy G and Horace. Had a guest appearance form Sinéad O’Connor who sings a couple of tracks on the new album.

After Massive Attack, I went to the Harrogate Arms to meet Eirene and everyone else – it’s the last weekend of the legendary Harrogate Arms – end of an era. It’s where I got together with Eirene, Had my wedding do, had loads of great gigs, discovered lots of things and friendships. RIP the Harrogate Arms. It’s supposed to be turning into a Thai Curry House. Mind you – it has ‘shut’ before, and has re-opened 6 month later, pretty much the same. We shall see !

Yesterday, we pottered about in Humbrum, and last night, we watched Robin Williams in his latest film one hour photo. Not a bad film. A bit predictable, and not that entertaining throughout. It was interesting to see Robin Williams in a roll that was… “dark”.

Today – we are going for a drive about again in Humbrum, maybe a bit of kiting, maybe a bit of fishing, almost defiantly, a bit of Sunday Lunch at a good pub !

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