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Really nice day yesterday. Set off about 12:00 in Humbrum with Eirene and the little people. Met Dave and Al up in Grassington, then went onto “The Fountaine” in Linton for a superb Sunday feed and a pint. Hung out there for a bit and let the food digest – Felix made ties for everyone out of blue paper napkins, and Jaygo proudly strutted round the pub grinning at everyone. After that, we headed right up to the top of Grassington, on the old lead mines. It was such a nice day, and there was a magnificent views. We got the kite out and by jimminy, WHOA, was that thing hard to hold. We got used to it, and ended up getting some great kite jumping practice in. Some of the jumps we higher than I expected – you sort of hold until you throw it right up and through the strong part of the wind then jump. You are in the air for a LOT longer than you expect. Also did some great skidding – there is an old dirt track up there, and I had old trainers on, so I let the kite drag me about for up to about 10 to 15m at a time. What a rush. At one point I was lying on my back, using the whole of my body to hang on and I was still getting dragged about. Dave, did a comedy tumble, nearly breaking his bottoms. The kite got stuck in a tree a couple of times (how do they always manage to get stuck in the only tree for miles around?) but it was rescued. Had more tea in the van, and I started throwing peanuts at Dave, who in turn, threw a wet tea bag, hitting me in the eye, exploding all over me.

Today, sore arms and stomach, I’ve been busy with project stuff at work. Want more kiting action soon. Want more being in the middle of nowhere and laughing till my sides hurt.


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