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What a great night we had last night. An influx of visitors, and a few bottled beers lead to the group requirement of food stuffs and the consumption of. The suggestion of a barbecue was warmly received so within minutes, the washing from the line was removed, phone calls were made and the barbecue, who had not seen the light of day since Tina’s birthday was ablaze. 2 trips to ASDA later, and we had an impressive compliment of beer and assorted meats, peppers and other such cookable goodies. The multi meat shish kebabs were a firm favorite, as well as the lumps of belly pork brushed with honey and soy sauce.

It got dark, and the near full moon did shine. A superb plan was hatched to light a fire bin. A newly acquired metal firebin was put to the test, along with a load of old wood from our cellar. The paper re-cycling plan went out of the window, as most of this stock of earth friendly intention was burned.

Fat, full and warm, out side, with a great collection of people, on a balmy April night, sippin beer and Thai whisky. What could be better.

Here is a little watchcam animation from the fire bin in action…

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