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Quite a busy collection of days. I went out on Wednesday because it was Marks birthday, a few beers. Last Night, went through to Leeds with Dave to meet some old friends of his. (old as in, he’s known them a long time, rather than their age). Really nich bunch of people. Hello Sally, Tim, Glen, Phil and everone else that I met and told to visit this site ! Top night. Went to a couple of bars, and then to the Hi Fi club – top funk, soul and jazz tunes. Very laid back vibe. A great little club. An interesting website to boot.

Today,we went to an exhibition that some friends are putting on at the moment. Anima-Mundi’s art and craft exhibition at BRB (top floor)- this is worth going to, if you are out and about round Harrogate this weekend – Quite a small collection, but interesting non the less. Craft and Art Works from a wide spread of artist using a wide range of styles and mediums. Carvings, sculptures, paintings, mirrors, clothes, stuff.. More info can be found at

Tonight, I’m babysitting because Eirene and a big load of others have gone on a hen night (Sweety Claire’s – best of luck!) . I’ve been in a silly stand off with a load of people about this. Some boys are going out, from the start, on the HEN night. Now – correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that wrong ? There are unwritten rules on this. I declined invite out of principal. Still – I hope they all have a top time and I am sure they will ! May find a good nature programme on the telly and have another cup of tea now. Ahhhh.. Tranquillo night :o)

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