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First thought when I woke up this morning was that I wanted to eat Brussels Pate, so off I trumped to an overly busy ASDA, looking like something the cat dragged in, then dragged back out again because it made the place look unkempt. Asda is one of them places where 9 times out of 10 I meet someone I know. Today, it was Chris and Jim that crossed my path, and after a brief conversation about sunglasses and how bright the sky was, I went on my way, accompanied by not only the toast and pate kit, but also a pair of bags of spag-bol ingrediencia.

This afternoon consisted of Fionn popping round, us checking out the line up for Jonglers in Nottingham next weekend, as we are attending Simon’s stag do there. As well as a top class comedy club, we are off clay pigeon shooting in the morning, karting ( although this may be quadding ) followed by big feast, and then the comedy club. Probably slip in half a shandy along the way as well. After playing on t’internet, I build a massive train track out of Felix’s BRIO train track which passed the Thomas test a treat.

So – I’m mid simmer on me spag bol and it’s smelling good. Even if I do say so myself. Right. . . I’m off for a ciggy.

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