Nice day for a, Goth Wedding

So last night saw the first night of the party Marathon that is this weekend. We went to Claire and Sean’s wedding at the sun pavilions in the valley gardens. Very nice it was to. A largly gothic collection of people make up the majority of their friends, and it was a gothic wedding. Good stuff. Music is the most depressing music I’ve ever heard at a wedding – but “they” liked it (and I liked some of the cyber goth stuff) Hmm.. So.. sitting around waiting to set off to Nottingham, for Simon’s stag doo. Drinking tonight, shooting, karting, comedy club and clubs. Huraah. Eirene has gone the other way – to Edinburgh for the hen doo. Many thanks to Chris, who volunteered to do the babysitting for the weekend! Nice one mate. Watch this space for updates. . . if I get the chance.

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