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hello. Welcome back to the world of the blogg. I have had the most amazing weekend starting at Claire and Sean’s wedding on Thursday 24th. Haven’t been to a Victorian/Goth wedding before. Claire looked beautiful in her black dress and corset made by Tracey and the Tinana looked stunning as her bridesmaid. It was such a collection of old faces from long ago arms days intermingling hippies with Goth with relatives and us (no description needed 😉 Dave otherwise known as DJ Boss Hog provided the music ranging from absolute cheese (as all wedding discos need) to industrial finishing off with the Muppet song. Arriving the next day at Emma’s for her hen weekend on time was a surprise to all. I suppressed my hangover with a Matt special bacon and egg sandwich so no throwing up out the car window. Ten ladies off to Edinburgh we were bound to have a fantastic time. And did we?? Oh yes. I think there are many places that will remember us kindly I’m sure. It was a weekend of food laughter pampering and of course booze and blagging the best of which was the 6 bottles of champagne we got free on the Saturday and VIP passes to revolution. I haven’t laughed so much in so long everyone’s faces hurt with smiling so much. We sang we danced we made Emma into a fairy and for every question she got wrong on Simon her spouse to be we made her do a forfeit. For every question she got right she handed out a forfeit so I was made to do a salt slam lime tequila standing on one leg with my hands behind my back. We arrived back Sunday night to a very poorly broken Simon who we dragged to the pub a last pint to round up the weekend. Today everyone here felt a bit dazed. Matt slept and the kids and I made the biggest tower ever out of Lego. Tomorrow it is back to ordinary life but I intend to keep laughing and stay I touch with all the great people shared my weekend with.


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