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Nearly the end of another week. This time last week, we were just about to set off for Nottingham on the what was to become legendary stag do.Think I had finally just about caught up on sleep by last night, thanks to a massive sleep on Wednesday – fell asleep on Chris’s sofa halfway through watching Harry Potter II. Got a good 11 hours in or something. Last night, I went our for a couple of Stella’s with Al, and today I’m wrapping up a load of niggly little tasks that have been kicking around for ages.

What’s in store this weekend ? Well – Going out with Eirene tonight, on a leaving do with Dave. Tomorrow, we are supposed to be going to Patley Bridge, to meet Simon and Caroline. They are up from that there London, staying at Simon’s old mans coach house up in’t dales. Hope it’s a nice day. If it’s not, we’ll just have to go and hide out in the Watermill pub and have a good old natter. On Sunday, I’m playing a gig at Bar Med in Harrogate. I’m last on with some DJ from Leeds that I’ve never met before, so that should be.. spontaneous.. free form.. Jazz… Nice. ;o). There are a load of bands on, and we have a license till 1am, and as I’ve got Monday off work, I intend to make the most of it !

Updated the site a little – you may notice the revised photo watchcam photo browser to the right. Also I have introduced a new stats package. Seems cool so far – retrostats. It tells me the usual stuff like how many visitors DragonDrop gets, what sites referred to DragonDrop etc etc. The interesting new feature I’ve got is that I can see what search quires people used to find DragonDrop with – ie people tap something into a search engine, and DragonDrop appears in the list, then if they click it, somehow I get to know what they typed – anyway – over the last 24 hours, these are the sort of ways that people have bumped into DragonDrop…. The first – I can understand… the rest.. ? (superb!)


womad uk photos

pics of people in colombia who dress differently then the us

free games pics anima

fat boy slim brighton we had to

dougie houser pictures

huntsman spider somethingawful

fish orlandas

watchcam sony

pictures bars and club night out in nottingham

house party hotel


harrogate gun company 12 bore

Hmm !

Surfing round etard I spotted this cool tool..

You can get your own O’Reilly book cover by clicking here..

It can’t be done!

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