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Friday ended up going out with Dave, and some people from his work, round a few bars in Harrogate. Steady away night.

Saturday night – hired out a game and borrowed a PS2 from Fionn. The game we hired was Grand Tourismo Concept. Chris and I had spent many a happy hour on the Playstation 1 with Grand Tourismo 2. The GT concept game was superb. It had a standard garage that was packed with cool cars, then you get to scoop more cars by winning races and completing licenses. Gotta have a go on GT III soon!. Eirene, Chris and I got right into it, stayed up far to late playing that. Completed it though. Well done us.

Did a gig last night at bar med. This was great. I accompanied an acoustic duo, then a DJ later on. We had a 1am license which was cool. Really enjoyed the gig.

Today -Feel rancid. Got some kind of cold. Streaming nose. Not feeling very creative, and Tina needs to finish her college assignment on this PC so I’ll go and drink more tea and sneeze some more.

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