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Just come back from a day in the West Midlands. I had 2 appointments only to discover that the reason I could not find the second one, upon arrival was that they had moved three years ago !.Quickly found the new address and all was well in the end. A good old tour of the west mids. Just popped over to and spotted that the photo’s from Dan’s camera – from Simon’s Stag do. It all seems like a bit of a blur now.

Real Ale – been getting back into (did I ever leave?) Real Ales recently – SO here is a real ale rant. Eirene brought me back a box of amazing beers from Scotland – “Historic Ales of Scotland” I’m half way through suppin them. One of them was a 7.2% Pine Ale. It is reported that that brew has been around for the last 4000 years. Very nice it is to. very rich flavor. Not a bit like I expected. As well as that there was kelp seaweed ale, elderflower ale and a heather ale.

Visit the Heather Ale site. for more reads.

Tonight I’m supping a local brew. Riggwelter, from the Black Sheep Brewery in Masham. Also from Masham, is Theakston, who brew a very dangerous beer, due to it’s properties of making you forget how to work your legs : Old Peculier. “Peculier” is an old Norman French word meaning “particular” rather than odd. If, (and I can’t see why not) DragonDrop was allowed to hand out a best beer award, it would have to go to Timothy Taylor’s ‘Landlord’. Ahhhhh.

But the Lady (Eirene) doth protest, and say “O.P. is the best! 😉 ”

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