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A nice weekend. Went out on Friday for a quick pint to wish Phil a happy birthday. Saturday – a quick run out to Shipley to collect our pictures. They are ace!

Felix and I sat about for a bit on Saturday and ‘played computers’. Felix painted this great picture using Photoshop.

“Tiny” by Felix.

Saturday night – hired our Gran Tourismo 3 (It had to happen). We hired out GT concept – the ‘arcady’ version of the game… and that wet our appetite.

GT3 – What a great game! So much work has gone into that. After clocking up hundreds of hours on GT2, I thought it would be a doddle. Far from. Myself and Chris set about the task of going through the licenses, and entering the races. For the first night, we were stuck with a pittance of cash, and just one car (an ugly tourino). After a load of ‘doing it up’ we eventually started winning races and cars. So much fun. The claim of it being a true driving simulator is spot on. Each car feels different. You can modify the cars to the nth degree and every little extra makes a difference. The computer drivers in GT3 seems to be far more intelligent as well – in GT 2, you could predict what the computer cars were going to do a lot more. Not in GT3. In fact – we even speculated on the game having a Karma module – if you are nasty to the other cars, they seem to be nasty back at you. It’s one of them games that you play and the hours turn into days. The graphics are very realistic, – superb reflections, shadows, sky effects etc. and the game play and addictiveness is out of this world.

Screenshot from Gran Tourismo 3

Found it hard to tear ourselves away from the game to watch 24 last night (7:00pm – 8:00pm episode) we watched this weeks last nights BBC2 episode “6:00pm – 7:00pm” 2 weeks ago, and watch next weeks on BBC3 last night.(24 fans should understand that!) It was a gripping episode – had us all on the edge of our seat. It’s getting quite brutal, and the plot thickens ever more. We love that programme. It’s the best thing on telly in the humble opinion of DragonDrop (Felix and Jaygo would disagree – in favour of everything on cbeebies!)

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