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Well – at the time of this mornings blog, I had very little to do today. I noted that I would have a look on t’internet for something for me and the boys to do today. I toyed with the idea of going to a park and kicking a footy around. I went onto the BBC weather site to see what the sky was up to, then followed the what’s on stuff to find that there was a thing happening at theTheatre Royal in York called KidStory. This sounded cool, so we packed up and jumped in the car. Got into York and raced across to the theatre. We got there, not knowing what to expect but there were loads of other Felix and Jaygo aged beings so I thought we could not be far wrong. It was great. A Scottish trio of performers, after a brief introduction acted out a Katie Morag story, then some songs that we had to join in with, and a couple of poems and stories to boot. The boys liked it (so did I!).

After that we went for a stroll around St Mary’s Abbey in York


We spent a while in the York Museum Gardens and had a picnic, when we noticed a poster for a dinosaur exhibition ! this was to good to be true

– it was a BBC Walking with Dinosaurs exhibition

At the Yorkshire Museum and Gardens Museum

Models and bones, full skeletons and interactive thingys. There was a blue screen where when you stood in front of it, the TV screens showed you, with loads of dinosaurs wandering around in the background. Jaygo and Felix looked so funny! They drew quite a crowd. There was a life size model of these 2 dinosaurs eating a big dinosaur, which very nearly upset Felix. It was quite graphic.. but I said it was only a model. We also had a wander round a roman exhibition that was on in the same place. This was not as interesting for the boys. One of the first things we saw was an authentic roman kitchen – I asked Felix if he knew what the 2 stones were for (stone mill) and he said it was a dinosaur, much to the amusement of fellow patrons. Shortly after this Felix locked himself in the toilet, so while I was trying to get the lock open I noticed Jaygo inspecting the yellow block things in the urinals. Ugh. After an almost complete hose down, I had the situation back on track and we wandered outside via the shop (telling myself that they were very quiet toilets, and it was quiet in the exhibition!), where I got Felix one of them polystyrene aeroplanes which he loved to bits. We played with that outside for a bit before heading back to the car, where they both promptly feel asleep.

Got home, watched the FA Cup Final (Arsenal 1 Southampton 0). It was the first time in the FA cups 122 year history that the game was played indoors – as Cardiff Park closed the roof. Ate some food and put 2 rather tired wee men to bed. And that just about brings me up to where I am now ! A nice, constructive day after all.

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