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Bowling for Columbine

Last night – watch a ‘must see’ DVD – Bowling for Columbine ( Official Site )

No film has ever shocked me, or angered me in such a way – it was a real eye opener.

Eirene summarise what was happening with “America is on self distruct”

Check out these stats – (for a years worth)

germany 381 firearm homicides

France 255 firearm homicides

Canada 165 firearm homicides

UK 68 firearm homicides

Australia 165 firearm homicides

Japan 39 firearm homicides

USA 11,127 firearm homicides

A documentory written and presented by Michael Moore, investigating the question “Why does America have so many gun related Murders compaired to the rest of the world?” After rulling out factors such as ‘Americans watch lots of violent films’ (So does the rest of the world) and ‘American kids play so violent video games’ (So does the rest of the world) The conclusion seems to lie with the fact of and attutude surrounding the ammendments to the constitution – “A right to bear arms” and the fact the the American press incites fear through media 24×7.

The National Rifel Association (NRA) get a good and proper slaying, by Michael – including an interview with the President of the NRA – Charlton Heston. Chalton could not give a reasonable answers to Michaels line of questioning involving his presence at a small town, the day after a 6 year old was shot by another 6 year old (only in America ?) And abruptly ended the interview with a walk off. Michael’s gripping documentory left me thinking about the States – the way it is and the way it’s run. There were a whole bunch of things in that film that I never knew, and I’m sure some would prefer the world at large didn’t know – about America.

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