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Hello. This is the first opportunity I have had to sit down and write a since my impromptu blogg at Desmonds barber shop in London. Let me bring you all up to date on occurrences since then. We did go to the Saatchi Gallery and yes it was fantastic.A lot of the art there i had seen before on TV like the Turner Prize entries and Gilbert and George stuff but it is fantastic to go and see it for real. We saw Damien Hirst’s Cut up cow and steer ( not recommended if you are off for chinese afterwards as I discovered) Tracey Emin’s bed she is a dirty girl and much more. Really liked Hirst’s underwater computer tank and chair complete with fish swimming around and the pharmacy exhibit supposed to represent culture today. It consisted of a glass case of different pharmacy bottles . Were they full of actual drugs or were they all placebos and are actual over the counter drugs real or just placebos to make us feel better. Do they work for deffinate or are we just the Guinea pigs? What I also found interesting about this exhibit was though it is considered ‘modern art’ even now since it was installed the bottles packaging has changed and looks out of date. I would live to come back again to se what the doctors used to prescribe us and and think how could they have given us that or thought it would work like we do now with medicine from last Decade. I was disgusted by the fly farm especially as on one side the rubber seal had degraded and the flies could escape. I didn’t like poddling about that room with the flies landing on you knowing that they had been in the tank with the rotting cow head. At £8.50 it was expensive had us looking for more as there is only one floor but still comes highly recommended. Arrived home at 2330 that night tired and happy to be home. I am trying to think of some cool stuff to do with the kids today so if anyone has any suggestions they will be greatly received. Hopefully off to the blogg convention tonight should be interesting 😉


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