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Big Brother 4 (uk) has started

One of the many curious things we noticed when we lived in the suburbs of Amsterdam, was that they aren’t really that bothered by curtains. “We have got nothing to hide” they would reply with a smile. Little wonder this summer phenomenon was invented by them. Big Brother, has in prior years reaped massive TV views (and the net, magazines and over peoples shoulders on the bus sources) and is set to do so in it’s 13 countries due to air the show this year.

I quite like it. But why is that a slightly “sad” thing to admit I wonder ? Is it because the nation had such a high fence of opinion, where people either “love or hate” it ?.

It’s changed the dynamics of the summer press – it used to be called “silly season” – now the papers have got loads of fodder.

So have we though. It seems to be such a bookmark in the year now – as much as Christmas – it’s now Big Brother Season.

All of the peripherals interests me – like the fact that they had a top flight Feng Shui consultant in to make the place… uncomfortable.

Interesting selection of Characters. Some attractive girls and handsome blokes (hay – they are not stupid – sex sells!) a Sloaney, a wannabe Sloaney, A cool one. A Orkney Father Dougle, as well as some down to earth guys and gals… the microcosmos is complete.

Yea – a lot of it is voyeurism, and a fascinating in an anthropological kind of way. Lord of the Fly’s meets…. well 1984

If I had to guess the winner at this stage, it would be Steph. (Good grief, I’ve just looked her name up on the site.)

Official Big Brother 4 Website

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