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Just got back in from a trip out to Horsforth. I ran a consultancy session this morning, in an freezing cold office, due the the fact I over fiddled with the air-con. Now I am sat in a tropical office – ours. It get so hot in here in the summer. It’s muggy and sticky.

Quite a busy few days ahead. Chill night tonight (needed) because tomorrow, there is a party for D, who is leaving for South Africa. 2 for one drinks I’ve been told – half the price, or the same price just twice as messy…

Friday night is Rich’s birthday – and I may have a gig at the stalls bar – not sure yet.

Saturday it’s the last cabbage before they ‘break up’ to do the festival season.

busy busy busy. On top of that, I’ve got a huge stack of work to do. Still – mustn’t grumble !

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