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Hot weekend ! Its proper Summer. After a large on one Friday night to celebrate Rich’s birthday, I spent all of yesterday outside in the sun mostly in the back yard mostly in the hammock.

Eirene spent her last afternoon with Denise whilst me and the boys went up the Frasers shed. This is a cool place where a load of artist and sculptures do their stuff. Felix and Jay made some new friends with the boys who lived at the farm next door.

Last night – decided not to go to cabbage, due to general lack of energy, and had a mellow BBQ instead. That was nice. Today we have been pottering about the house and just now we have been to say bon voyage to Denise and James. They have a blog – here. Keep an eye on the news as the wander about South Africa.

Tonight we have got a double bill of 24 to watch woo hoo !

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