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Hello. It is a sad Eirene here after saying goodbye to one of my closest friends Denise. As I’m sure everyone who reads this knows she has gone back to South Africa. She was not a blood sister but certainly my soul sister and I shall miss her lots. But on a a happier note I shall be definitely be checking out her bloggs and I cant wait to start hearing of her adventures. Also it is a fantastic opportunity to take a family adventure out there and explore more of the southern hemisphere. I was having a look at her ‘Explore South Africa’ book and so far what I have picked up on apart from the spectacular scenery and wildlife is their love of eating meat and drinking so should suit us just fine. The babies have been enjoying the great weather I am so glad that it was good for the weekend. It is such a treat for all the office workers out there actually able to get out in the sunshine instead of having to stare out the window at everyone else enjoying it. Long may it last. Have a great week.

Ciao 😉

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