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SO – it’s been nearly a week since I last stuck anything on DragonDrop.

What a week ! I have left the company I consulted for full time and have decided to venture out on my own. I’ll be doing consultancy / Internet thinking / Project delivery.

I’ve got a few ideas, and in an ideal world, I would like to find an investor(s) to allow me to get the resources to fulfil these as discreet projects. The investors would get a big pile of cash further down the track, and I would get a cool project to run with. Peachy creamy.

I’m also looking to do small jobs to keep things ticking over – on/off line marketing, promotional, consultancy and Internet based services. I’m well positioned to do fast, short run stuff, and have a great resource network, should I need to sub contract the larger or more specialised bits of any given project out.

Anyway – I had better crack on. Very warm regards to all my ex collegues. Live long and prosper. Stay in touch!

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