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Hello, this is my first time sitting in Matt new office. Since yesterday a desk and enormous shelving unit have invaded the quiet of the front room. It all looks very professional and Matt looks very happy. We had a fantastic weekend partying and chilling in equal measures and taking advantage of the great weather. The Kids love having dada around every night at bed time and I couldn’t wish any child better then having both da mama and the dada around all the time. I also have a new phone. After lots of tooing and froing with relevant and irreverent documents I eventually managed to get into my hand and out of the shop a Nokia 7650. It takes photos so I sat up most of the night taking photos of my bedroom walls ceiling at different angles and loving it. Felix also loves taking photos with it and Jaygo is always willing to give us a big cheesy grin. Watching the footie now and drinking beer what more do you need.

Ciao 😉

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