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We eventually got out of the house, and had a great evening. My head a bit sore this morning. We went to Witherspoons. I have to say that it’s my least favorite pub in town. Before I go on – the company was fantastic – just the venue I dislike.. Sure the beer is a bit cheaper, BUT in sacrifice of to much. The place was heaving, and is probably Harrogate’s biggest pub, but the lack of music, the way under populated other side of the bar, meaning that it takes about 4 years to get served, coupled with the fact that it was cold in there last night made me glad to get out of the place! After the pub was a bit of a blur… but I do remember one moment that I’d like to document..

I was chatting to Mr Wigg who is in fine spirit. It’s great to see someone that happy. They are off to Cuba to get married in about 10 days in Cuba. He has just broken up from work. I remember saying along the lines of “There will be a moment, when the sun is low in the sky and the day is quiet and all is well. You and Emma will be silent, smiling. Look at the scene around you and her, and bottle that moment.” Wishing Simon and Emma a happy and everlasting life for each other.

Wow – my new desk is ace – I’m now pointing out of the window so I can watch the world going by. The people who we bought DragonDrop from have just walked past. I’ve got my boys snuggled up in the floor in blankets and they look cosy. So it’s a nice day out there, and the hammock is a nice place to be.

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