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I finally found an Internet cafe in icmiller! What a fantastic time we have all had so far. A quick run down-

We arrived mid afternoon and got the bus to our resort – at this time we still had not found out where we were staying. We were allocated a superb place – called the babadan apartments. A great place. 2 pools close to the centre of this pretty little town. On the first full day we chilled by the pool and on the second day we had a stroll down to the beach. Not really our kind of beach – regimented rows of plastic sun loungers. we sneaked onto a quiet corner and played in the sand and sea for a bit. That night we went to a so-so restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The food was a let down, but the Champaign was nice. Sunday and Monday were without shadow of doubt the highlights so far. We went scuba d?v?ng. This ?s something that Eirene and I had always wanted to do. A great company called the European D?v?ng Centre were our underwater guides. I went diving on Sunday, and Eirene looked after the kids on the boat and I was taught the basics of diving. We had 2 x 40 minute dives in the clear waters about 45 mins boat ride around the coast. This opened our eyes to a whole new world and the surreal enjoyment of being under water and breathing felt amazing. The fish were so bright and colourful. Loads of parrot fish and I had the honour of seeing a octopus. The crew and pro divers were cool as, and really looked after us. The boat had a great mix of people from all over the world, and Felix and Jaygo were loved by everyone on the boat. Last night I met up with one of the pro divers (Buz) for a few beers. this turned into a few beers and tequilas and we finally called it a night around 03.30 . Felt ver rough this morning, but a nice swim soon sorted us out. Today we have been on a tour of the local area in a road tra?n. There are some amaz?ng pads just of the beaten track here.

So that brings us up to now. It ?s nice and cool ?n here, but I do not want to get used to air-con. it touched 40 deg C the other day and is probably not far off that now.

Trying to check my mail but it is a bit of a bad connection. if you have emailed me it will have to hang fire till we get back. Right, Im going to grab some snacks and go back to meet up with Eirene and the wee men. Love to all, see you at the weekend!

aRRGH. I have now been ?n this ?Internet cafe for over an hour (Eirene is going to kill me!) connectivity probs. Whilst I am here – an observat?on to share.. there are no (c) laws ?n Turkey. You make ?t they fake it. designer clothes – you could not tell the real ones apart most of the time. Oakley shades for a fiver, prada jackets for a tenner (pounds that ?s – or about 23,000,000 TL) I even think this Marlboro that I am smoking is a fake.

*Frustrating publishing problems – as well as a poor internet connection, blogger pro is being upgraded, or it may have something to do with the turkish character keyboard (the i sometimes came out as a ? question mark..)

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