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What a weekend. Very busy. After Friday’s gig, I went on to do another on Saturday with Paul Quinlan and his crew. I love his style – really interesting and he’s not afraid to play stuff that he likes. That went on till about 1am. After that, a short excursion to Po Na Naa’s where I somehow got in the middle of a fight. I was trying to calm it down when it started kicking off but some people are animals, and once they want to hit people, they are going to stop at nothing to hit people. I avoided all blows luckily. I hate fighting. So after that, a few of us started a party round at Paul’s house. This went on until the wee hours when I came home for some kip.

Yesterday the weather was fantastic, and we went to an event called “Party in the Park” in the Valley Gardens – a beautiful park just outside the town centre of Harrogate. The event was extreme mainstream, but there were a few bits and pieces to involve the kids with for the afternoon. I ended up falling asleep in the sun in the park, and, let sleeping dogs lie thought everyone else and I woke up at around 8pm, slightly cold and confused! Next week the Valley Gardens hosts the ‘Harrogate Fiesta’. Loyal DragonDrop readers may recall the slaying I gave it last year. I’ve just had a read thru – amused myself !

I digress. Last night I did another gig – the 3rd consecutive night. 3 in a row is a record for me. I appeared at the “Sunday Sessions” (every Sunday in the VIP bar of Bar Med, Harrogate) which I was rather hoping would be a slightly more mellow affair. Was it ? Was it not. A full on party it turned out to be. The 12:30am finish turned into a 1:50am finish fueled by the crowd, the staff, the crew, even the managers enthusiasm – everyone was leaping about like mountain goats on a hotplate.

So – it’s Monday now, and back to one of the other facets of my life – ‘work’. This self employed / setting up a company thing is cool. Doing my own thing and getting into the ‘hands on side of things’ again is enjoyable and rewarding. I’ve stacked up a nice pile of work for myself – one of the reasons the blog frequency has calmed down a bit! More time with the family is fantastic. More time to play my drums and do parties is also a bonus. More time to play with computers and gadgets etc. – perhaps sad, but to me – fun!. I’ve Missed music, missed geeking out and missed family. I’ve got back into living!

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