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A fun packed weekend. Went out on Friday night with Eirene – Les joined us at the Bell Tavern and introduced us to a wonderful ale – Roosters. After a couple of them and a TT’s Landlord, we were joined by Lisa and Dean. We hung out there for a bit then went to Bar Med. Friday night is tacky DJ night. Saturday night – they have some R&B and Sunday night. as depicted on the new flyers that we found on the table in front of us. The flip side advertises our night – The Sunday Sessions :

Rather nice thought we.

So I’ll be Matt da Conga then. Glad someone has made that decision – I’ve been using ‘le’ , ‘la’ , ‘de’ and ‘da’ Conga for some time – pinned down nicely.

So – Saturday night – did a really fun gig with Dharma at the Stalls bar. A good turn out.

Sunday – went to the Harrogate Fiesta. A nice sunny afternoon in the park. A couple of thousand people must have been there to see the snippets of music from the main stage. The highlight of the musical day for me was the band “Tetrafide”. An amazing percussion 4 piece from Perth, Australia. They were amazing – technically. The music they selected was really good – very accessible percussion – including a Polynesian set using log drums – this was hair sticking up on the back of the neck stuff. They played percussion from all over the world. We had a good Djembe and Doumbeck session before the next act came on – Bollywood Brass Band. Not really my thing, but performed admirably. So – the same thing happened last year – just as we were getting into it, it finished. It still comes across as a massive waste to put on this stage for about 4 hours 5 minutes of music. Why not play stuff later into the evening ? why not play stuff on Saturday ? Why not use local talent to ‘pad it out’ a bit ?

Spent a good portion of the afternoon trying to get my drums out of the Stalls bar – no one in Harrogate had keys for the theatre ! Anyway – ended up borrowing a set of bongo’s to do last nights gig at Bar Med with Mike H and Les. An interesting night it was – not as busy as last week, but still an interesting evening.

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