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SO – aside from rant rant rave rave about the state of blogger, I have had some time to do other things – like work, rest and play. Went to the VIP opening of a new club in Harrogate last night called “Time”. Quite nice – it’s apparently had a £1m re-fit. They had a conga / bongo player on “Steve Bongo”. Nice chap – we had a bit of a natter and he let me have a go on his kit – the same set up as mine (set of bongo’s and a set of conga’s). His kit sounded really smooth and natural.

Today, Chris is going to Amsterdam. Lucky chap. I think I’m due another trip out there soon. Last time was a real blast. One of the best weekends of my life. I miss the place – having lived there for a year and all that. It’s home from home. Yep. A large one in Amsterdam is required.

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