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Well – what a bookmark of a weekend. Since my last blog, so many lovely things have happened. A really nice gig at the stalls bar on Saturday night lead to a small after party round at Alex and Rachel’s house. Sunday – we all piled in Humbrum (who is now back from the garage and running a lot better) and went to visit some friends up in’t Dales (Paul (aka Dharma), Nicky and Jordan). First we had cups of tea, then a wander round the farm to see the new calfs – a one day old was looking a bit confused, so I let him suck my thumb for a bit. A superb walk across the a couple of hills lead us to Paul’s favorite spot – a little outcrop of rock under some trees looking out towards Brimham Rocks which happens to be one of my favorite spots in the whole world. We hung out there for a bit (I’m getting towards the bookmark part of the story now) before heading back to Pauls house. We had brought Felix’s bike along in the van – it was his special day to learn how to ride a bike! – His face was amazing – a massive smile and a very appreciative audience. So – that was the first bookmark of the day.. #2 was half way through our Sunday Sessions gig when Al’s better half Jules, phoned up to announce that she was in Labour! The rest of the crew came back here after the gig to celebrate – I checked my text this morning to find the good news.

A big congratulations to Al and Jules – and a big DragonDrop welcome to Eve. x

A big congratulations to my boy Felix for learning how to ride a bike love Mama and Dada and Jaygo. x

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