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I got quite side tracked when I stumbled across this site. Very good use of flash : Destination: MARS

So – it’s been a warm few days, and I have had a couple of late nights. We stayed up to see the shooting stars on Tuesday, but only saw 2. Still – I’m 2 wished better off. Mars is still impressive – it’s easily visible – a bright reddish large ‘star’ close to where the moon has been around midnight. Last night, I went out to meet someone who works for a charity called JST that takes disabled people on massive sea adventures in specially modified tall ships. He sets sail to Lisbon this Sunday from the Southampton “taking you through the famous Bay of Biscay towards the warmer waters of the beautiful Spanish Coastline.”. He’s planning a fundraising party (and asked if I wanted to play). I like the idea of this charity – it’s giving people who perhaps don’t get that much opportunity for real adventure, a once in a life time experience. Superb. A big up from DragonDrop. The website has this amazing thingy on it – if – have a look at the ocean tracker page within the voyage updates section.. zoom in and zoom in and in….. and in…

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