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Well- it’s been ages since my last blog. What a crazy few days it’s been. Andy – a mate from Cambridge turned up – I knew about it but left it as a surprise for Eirene. That was Thursday (I think). Since then, it’s been pretty much non stop. Thursday we went out to see some friends perform in their new band. They were cool – can’t remember the name of the band at the moment, but I’ll try and update this blog when I get it. Smooth Jazz, full of life funk. 2 brass, one acoustic guitar, one Hammond organ, bass, drums, bit of waxing lyrics, and lead guitar. I think they will go far.

Friday – Blimey. Went out to a pub for early doors then came home and had a mini party type thing.

Saturday – Myself and DJ Dharma did a fantastic gig at the stalls bar- it was an amazing atmosphere. It was the last gig of the season because the theatre opens up and does it’s thespy thing soon. After the gig, we had an after party round here and about 30 people turned up – we had the drums out and all sorts. a great night.

Sunday – met Dave and Mark for a pint and a game of pool mid afternoon and sort of… Carried on from there really. Came back here for a bit – then it was out to do The Sunday Session

Today – Jaygo started nursery! He seemed to like it.

SO now – I’m sat around, eating veggy korma and watching Eastenders for the first time in years. Why ?

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