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A busy but rather splendid few days. I’m quite wiped now. Let me explain why…

Friday night, Roger (pictured below) and I went to an event in Bradford that he had blags (free tickets) for called Kula. A top night of interesting music bathed in UV lights. Met a load of cool people and had a great time. Meanwhile, Eirene and the kids, plus Lisa, Dean, Josh, jack, Sean.. and a load of other assorted hippies went camping out near Grassington. Our plan was to catch up with them the next day. Which we did, after a visit to observatory crest opposite Leeds Bradford airport. Saw a few taking off, and spoke to a guy with a scanner for a while – we got to listen to pilots and stuff.

we eventually got to base camp #1, after a breakdown and a change of car, (stroke of luck had it that we broke down right next to a pub car park. )

Got up to the camp, to witness a really impressive sundown and moon up. I got right into the appreciation of the slow rotation of the earth – that you can only get from being outside for a while. The next day was tip top and Fraser and I (Mostly Fraser I have to confess) spent most of the morning hunting crayfish from the river Wharfe. We must have found between 100 and 200. We cooked these up to provide delicious feeding frenzy for the (non vegetarian) members of the away party.

I had a night off from Sunday Sessions last night – because I had to be up at wrong o’clock this morning for a 3 day job (as an AV technician).

So – just had some tea, done some work and now… I’m wiped!

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