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Well -= A busy week. The AV tech job was cool. I also got a new camera. A Nikon 5700 – it’s cool. I dare say I’ll be shooting a fair few DragonDrop adventures with it. It’s like, DragonDrop – Watcham – super low res, then a naff webcam, then a phone cam – VGA, then a 5.1 Mega Pix beast.

I have also been introduced to an amazing new game, by a friend who came round the other night (Chris from Smilie) – a 3D world of endless possibilities – Second Life. You get to make a character, and fly around this world. You can build stuff, design stuff, talk to other characters, trade, play games – even design your own clothes. Here is me in a DragonDrop T-Shirt :

Simon is visiting from that there London. (and I think I’ve got him hooked on Second Life as well) He has got me a superb birthday prezzie -= an eye toy. If you have not seen one of these – it’s worth checking out (if you have got access to a Playstation 2). It’s a motion detection webcam, that lets you play games on your TV with you as the character. It’s quite a work out !

Right – back into a bit of second life !

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