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It’s my birthday, and I’m in India.

I have had teh biggest surprise of my life pulled on me. On Monday, I set off to Gulford, to do a photoshoot as part of a job I’m doing. All pretty run of the mill stuff – had a good constructive day, went out for a meal at night and got an early night. My friend Dave was in said town and teh plan for the following day was fairly bland – we were to picks a friend of his up from Heathrow who was returning from France. Stood about, at Heathrow, slightly borded, and slightly frustrated, as I get in Airports when I’m not going anywhare. Who should I spot ? Eirene. “What are you doing here?” were the onl;y words I could manage, so I repeated them. No answer. Just smiles. I was shaking. Dave handed me a bag. “Happy birthday Dude!” said he. I opened the bag and my birthday gift – a guide book to Goa, India. This is where I nearly passed out.

Eirene has fulfilled a dream that I had had for as long as I can remember – That I wanted to go to India before I was 30. I am still in a state of happy shock. The amount of effort – getting people to sit the kids for a week is a feat in itself (Thanks to everyone who’s chipping in their time!).

So it’s now 10:16 ish local time and I am are sat in the business centre, in the first class lounge in Bombay airport, waiting for a connection to Goa. (Eirene is relaxing in the 5 star surroundings and a nice man keeps bringing us tea. Eirene managed to gety free blags for the lounge! Just had a really restfull sleep and am rairing to go !

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