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I am sat in an internet café in the Goa, India. The café is in a small village on a beach called Anjuna.

So – we left Mumbai (Bombay) and got into Goa around mid-day. We had spent the recent few hours deciding where to head to. We had been recommended a place called Anjuna, and had read about it. We got a taxi. This was a full power culture shock. Shock in a good way. The people, their dress – The roads and it’s way of allowing all the traffic to function without laws. I later discovered there is a law – and it is that Elephants are in charge – everything should move for them. Then cows next followed by trucks, vans, cars rick shaws, then motorbikes the mopeds then cycles then people. The motorcycles and mopeds make up the vast majority of traffic. Everything beeps. Beeping is encouraged. It seems to be the ‘safety feature’. I digress..

We got to our place and have settled right in. We found our room – It’s a very nice pad. It’s got a huge main room, bathroom, veranda kitchen area and a sitting room. We have set up a hammock over looking the sea in the sitting room. Once we had settled in, we heard Orbital being played at the café over the road (/dirt track) – good omen! We went there and had some beer and some curry and then went for a stroll. As we walked down the beach we fell in love with the place. We got to see one of the most amazing sunsets that night that we have ever seen (photo’s to follow) That night, we went out and met loads of really nice people – 2 lovely American girls (Elisa and Tory) and we went with them to a bar up the village. We met a really nice crowd of locals who set up Parties in ‘the season’. They helped us celebrate my birthday in a big way!

Yesterday, we hired a motorbike and headed up to Another beach about 15km north of hear. We had the most amazing meal – tandoori pomfrit fish and tiger prawns. I got some lovely photos from the place. (to follow). Riding the bike was fun – we were going not much faster than about 30mph and it was really handy knowing about the law of the road – move if it’s bigger!

Last night we went out to the bar again and the main talk was of a big party that is happening tonight – at a place called “Dragon House” – how cool is that – DragonDrop adventures in Dragon House.. DragonDrop @ DragonHouse.

After that, we came back to the pad and it started raining – instantly it was a downpour of hot rain. This carried on until about lunch today. We have been mostly sitting on the veranda and I’ve spent all morning looking out over the sea and reading. ‘The Alchemist’ is the book title – (Someone tell Vicki ! – It’s her favorite book). I’ve ploughed through – just on the last few pages. What a book – it’s perfect for reading now. It tells a story of travel, and omens, the soul of the world and reading it.

There is so much more that I could say – but I want to get out there and experience it again!

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