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How strange. I’m in the middle of a congress dedicated to theatre nursing. ( NATN 2003 ) There is also an exhibition with an internet cafe in the middle so I thought I’d take advantage and write a few words. I’m working here – doing AV tech stuff. Exhibitors are coming up with more innovative ways to get you on their stand. The usual – freebee’s are ripe here – pens, sweets, cuddly toys, keyrings and all the usual stuff – but – I have seen Captain Jean Luke Picard (Look a like!) and a David Beckham (Look a like) – David Beckham was eerily like the real thing. I spoke to him and, he sounds like him as well – he is his official Body Double.

Got an email from Dave last night – he and Jamie are well on their way, deep in India. Lucky them! I’ve only been there a week, and back less than that and I already miss it loads. I would so love to be sat in a little cafe, drinking masala tea, watching Indian life pass me by, as we did for hours on end in Goa last week.

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