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What a superb night last night was. It was Cols birthday and there was much fun to be had. We got into town and had a couple. Eirene and/or “The Whirly Girls” had been commissioned to do a bit of fire poi

at the opening of a new club night in town called “Shush!“:

The party was pretty rammed – and had a very ‘London’ feel to it. Fire silks, and a red carpet topped off the ‘exclusive’ atmosphere.

Earlier on in the evening, Sarah introduced us to Ian, who happened to have his fire stuff with him so he was conscripted as one of the fire acts. He treat us and the (by this point) large onlooking crowd to a bit of firebreathing :

After that, we all piled down to Scary and Fi’s house for a party to celebrate Cols birthday. Loads of lovely people there. I felt very privileged to be part of such a fantastic group of friends last night. By the end of the night, Col and Sarah had fallen asleep. Here we see Col, using Sarah’s dreads for a bit of shade.

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